Listen to my tunes here

 Cover of the Gothic III Soundtrack. This track was played at night in "Geldern" - hence the name. The guitar was played by my girlfried.

This is a cover of "See You Soon" by Coldplay. I do not own the copyrights on the original. Please let me know if posting this is illegal for some reason.

This is a short winter-composition for piano. A tiny bit of an echoing effect was used to give some more depth to it.

This is a demo of a patch I made for Absynth 5. This is all done with one instance of the patch. The same melody is played several times to show different articulations.

This is a short piece with a heavy instrumentation: string, synthesizers, distorted guitars, heavy drums. The part starting at 1:10 seems a bit boring, but I had no idea what to do with it...